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Classic Flavors

Almond, Amaretto, Chocolate, Coconut, Key Lime, Lemon, Lush Berry, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Vanilla, and White Chocolate

Vegan Options: Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla

Signature Cakes*

Banana Pudding,  Butter Pecan, Carrot, Cookie Butter, Dulce de Leche, German Chocolate, Oreo, S'mores and Strawberry Crunch

Signature Cupcakes

Banana Pudding,  Butter Pecan, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookie Butter, Dulce de Leche, German Chocolate, Oreo Cookie, S'mores, Strawberry Crunch,  and White Chocolate Raspberry

Specialty Cupcakes come with their own specific design

Classic Flavors are also available to purchase as cupcakes





American Buttercream or Swiss Merengue Buttercream in a variety of flavors

Most fruits, Cookie Butter, Nutella, and more

Banana Pudding, Plain, Raspberry Swirl, Strawberry,  Strawberry Crunch, Turtle

4 inch personal Turtle Cheesecake

*No customizations are allowed for Signature Cakes. A birthday topper can be added at no additional charge

Don't see the cake, buttercream, or filling that you want? No worries, just reach out to the baker to see if your requested flavor can be created. 

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